WholesaleBackup Web Console: Transfers

Welcome to Transfers! This view is your troubleshooting interface. 

Each entry in this table represents the latest connection of one of your client computers:

The rows are color coded as follows:

  • White rows are actively connected computers.
  • Green with check icon is for operations that have reached the "completed" stage with no errors 
  • Yellow with exclamation icon is for operations that have completed with errors.
  • Red with x icon is for computers that were interrupted before reaching the "completed" stage.
  • Blue is for computers that have not connected in over 7 days.

Similar to the Storage tab you have the Brand selector:

Column selector:

Export selector:

Combine these with the search bar to sift and filter through the entries in the table.

Any columns and rows showing when you export the table will be in the exported data, and any hidden columns and rows will not.

The Detail Views:

Clicking any row will bring up a troubleshooting detail pane that provides access to the Transfer history for the computer. This pane has several tabs and features.

The Details tab shows a summary of the operation. The panel is color-coded to correspond with the status of the operation.

The Messages tab shows error and warning messages from the client. The client will send up to 35 messages at most to the console. These and the rest will be in the log file if needed:

Clicking any date in this list will update the rest of this pane with the details from that process. The dates are marked with an up arrow for backup/uploads, a down arrow for restores/downloads, and lateral arrows for any other process.

The Selections tab shows all the selections that were in effect for a given process:

The Vaults tab shows additional detailed information for each of the backup vaults used in the process. If used, this tab will show stats for the local vault as well as the remote vault(s):

The Contact tab shows the registration information entered into the client software as well as the IP from which the client connected and the client operating system:

In addition there are these four buttons used for viewing the logs for each connection, or editing the INI or SEL file for each computer:

View Log:

Export Log:

Will open the log in a new browser tab, allowing you to quickly do searches, move around, or save to a different format.

Editing the INI:

Editing the SEL:

When an INI or SEL is modified and saved to the backup server the client will pick up this new file on it's next backup connection. Great care must be exercised in maintaining proper syntax in these files as malformed INI or SEL files can cause their own issues with the client. For more detail on working with these files see our INI settings file guide or our SEL selections file guide.

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