Selecting Microsoft Exchange for Backup

Selecting Microsoft Exchange to backup is straightforward.  If you manually select an Exchange .EDB file, then the WholesaleBackup client will automatically add the appropriate VSS Writer as well as run the Microsoft Eseutil utility to validate the .EDB file.

You can also open the client, and then on the Backup->Selections tab open the tree browser for "VSS System Components" and, after the GUI has loaded (which make take several minutes), select the "Microsoft Exchange Writer" in the right hand pane.

 If you double click on "Microsoft Exchange Writer" in the right pane you'll see precisely which files will be selected to backup.

 Please note that on Windows Server 2003 the EXCHSRVER\BIN folder must be added to the system path, so that eseutil can be found, by following the procedure at otherwise you will see errors such as the following:

Error, Eseutil checksum failed with Microsoft Eseutil return error code -1 on Microsoft Exchange file [\\?\C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\E00.log]. 
Info, The source of this problem may be: 
Info, Eseutil error output follows: {'eseutil' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.}

In Addition to selecting the Exchange files above, you should change two settings in the WholesaleBackup client:
First, you need to enable the 'Reset archive flags on files.' option found on the Backup->Settings tab.
Next, on the Expert Settings tab, you need to change the 'Microsoft VSS backup mode:' from "copy (VSS_BT_COPY)" to "full (VSS_BT_FULL)".
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