Allowing customer file downloads from Backup Server

Any file placed in the WWW folder (C:\Program Files\WholesaleBackup\WWW) is accessible via https to the outside world (on your Server's specified TCP port), and all such HTML https access will be constrained to this folder and below.  In a future release we will add support for online file sharing and this folder will be the root folder for that feature.  

Please don't turn your WholesaleBackup Server into a generic web server as it wasn't intended to be such and we don't support it; however if you need to place a file there in a pinch so your customers can download it (such as if you do a server side restore for them) then please give it a try and let us know how it goes.  

The URL would be something like https://FQDN:443/ assuming you use the FQDN for your server and specify the public TCP port in the URL (in place of 443) and that is in C:\Program Files\WholesaleBackup\WWW\ (or wherever you installed your server).
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