E-Mail Configuration

(Note: you may need to generate an app password from your email service provider such as Gmail or Microsoft)
Your server can send automated e-mail alerts to those of your clients who request them and you can manually send e-mails to clients using this software.  In particular, software clients can request that backup hosts send them no-data and no-connection e-mail alerts and they specify how long a period should pass for this condition to trigger.  For your server to be able to send outbound e-mail, it must be enabled and properly configured.
 An example of settings for gmail (and Google hosted email) can be found here.
Need help with SMTP settings?  Please check out this list of common SMTP email configurations.

Use the following settings to send e-mails to clients
Check this box and fill in the Server settings to enable your server to send outbound e-mail.

Send server error alerts to following e-mail address
This e-mail address will be used to notify you of certain server alerting conditions.
Wait ... days before sending another no-connect/no-data alert...
You can specify the # of days to pass before a client get's resent another alert email in a no-connect/no-data situation.
SMTP Server
The SMTP Server you will use to send e-mails.
SMTP Account
The account on your SMTP Server you wish to use to send e-mails, on some servers your account must be your entire e-mail address.
SMTP Password
The password for your e-mail account.
SMTP port
The TCP port your SMTP server listens on.  It's usually 25, 465, or 587 but could be anything.
Server requires SSL
Check this box if your SMTP server requires SSL communication.
Server requires TLS/START-TLS
Check this box if your SMTP server requires TLS (also know as START or START-TLS) communication.
From address
Mandatory "from" email address for all outbound e-mails.  This can be manually overwridden when manual e-mails are sent.
CC address
Optional CC address to use in outbound e-mails.  This can be manually overwridden when manual e-mails are sent.
Signature (text file) to append to e-mails
Optional text file to attach as a signature to your outbound e-mails.
Test Settings
This button is handy for testing your e-mail settings.  A window will pop up like the following allowing you to send an e-mail with the specified settings (this is same window you'll use in different contexts to send e-mails to your clients from other parts of this WholesaleBackup Server's graphical user interface):
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