Branding Your Server

At install time a file called help.htm was created in the WWW subfolder of where you installed WholesaleBackup Server (e.g. C:\Program Files\WholesaleBackup\WWW\help.htm).  If you left the default settings for help during your white label software installer, then this file will be used to populate the Help tab in the client.  

Please take a moment to edit this file now, using notepad or your favorite editor, so that you clients know how to contact you.  This default help file is very simple, it tries to include a logo file called logo.png and it specifies your company name, an email address, a phone number, and your support hours.  Once you have edited it, we suggest you open the file in your local web browser to see what it will look like, and then also access the Help tab on an installed software client to see how it fits in that frame.

 We recommend that you install a public signed certificate for your WholesaleBackup Server (as described below) so that your customers are not prompted about accepting your self-signed certificate every time they click on the Help tab in the software client.  The process to do this can be found here. If you do not replace the default self-signed certificate with your own, your clients will see something like the following in their Help tab:

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