Hiding and Exposing the Backup and Restore tabs & Password Locking GUI

At white label build time you are provided with the following options:

which allow you to control access to certain features in the client's GUI for all new installations.  After a client is installed, you can also make these changes on a per client basis using via INI setting or GUI changes.

When the INI setting hidesettings is set to 1 then all of the Backup tabs are hidden as well as the Monitor->E-Mail tab, and when it is set to 2 just the Backup->Settings tab is hidden.  Similarly when the INI setting hiderestore is non-zero, the Restore tab is hidden.  When either of these values is non-zero, one can open the GUI in -expert mode to access the hidden tabs.  Furthermore, these settings can be changed from within the GUI when launched in -expert mode on the 'Expert Settings' tab as follows:

In addition to these mechanisms, one can entirely lock the GUI requiring a password to be entered (either the end user's encryption key or the white label build password where you choose which, or both, at white label build time as shown above).  This setting can be manually changed later on a per client basis (after installation) via the INI setting lockGUI.


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