Restoring Data

Restore tab

From the Restore tab, you are able to select folders and files to restore.

In the left window, the folder tree of the backed up data can be navigated. When a folder is selected, the right window will display the files in that folder.

To select data to restore, drag the file or folder name to the bottom box. Multiple files and folders can be selected this way, and be restored at the same time.

If a folder is selected, by default it will restore all of the subfolders. If you only want to restore the files in that specific folder, right click on the restore selection and chose "Restore contents of this folder only (not subfolders)".

If you want to remove a restore selection, right click on it and chose "Remove this from restore selections".

In addition to selecting what files and folders to restore, you can select the timeframe of when to restore from. Data to restore can be selected based off when it was backed up or last modified, as well as from before or after the specified date.

You can also select to restore every version of a file. Because this can cause multiple files with the same name to be restored to the same folder, the original backup date and modify date are appended to the file name.

The location the restore is done to can be changed by clicking the ellipses button ("...") in the lower right corner.

Once everything has been selected, click the "Save and Restore to ->" button to begin the restore process.


If a local backup vault has been enabled (on the Backup->Settings tab) then the client will try to restore from the local backup folder first, and if it can't find a file, it will then pull it down from a remote server. 

If multiple computers are backing up to the same backup account, then hitting the "Refresh" button at top right of window will pull down backup histories for every computer, and then the "Computer:" pull down-menu will allow you to specify from which computer's backup you would like to restore from as shown below:

 Anywhere in the user interface where you see a button with "...", you can use that button to interactively specify a folder or file.

As with backups, the Monitor->Overview and Monitor->History tabs will give you status and details of currently running and historical restores.

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