Viewing backup and restore history (modern)

Details tab

Exploring the details Part 1

Exploring the details Part 2

The Monitor->Details tab provides you with the historical details of your backups and restores. The upper window pane contains a table of operations such as uploads (backups) and downloads (restores).  When you select a row in that table, the lower window pane will fill in with tabs providing the details of that operation. 


For example, in the screen capture above the most recent backup is selected and its details are shown in the tabs below.  The Backup tab indicates that 15 files had changed (of size 215.9 MB) and were backed up since the prior backup.  Similarly, the Storage tab shows the total amount of data stored on the backup server, and in the local backup folder, at the completion of this backup.

The Storage table below shows that 189 files of total size 684.5 MB have been backed up.  After three backups, there are 219 versions of files which can be restored (with a total pre-compression and block de-duplication size of 1.12GB).  After compression and differential block de-duplication, the actual amount of stored data is 534.1MB, on the remote server and there is no local backup vault specified (thus the Local Storage is 0 bytes).

The Selections tab indicates all backup selections and de-selections used for the backup.  Note in the example below there are de-selections (shown as Ignore) which came from the Windows Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\BackupRestore\FilesNotToBackup.

The Errors tab shows a single warning on the initial backup. (EDIT to match***) 


 If the text description of the warning or error is not sufficient, you can look up the Microsoft System Error Code (MSDN) here.

where one can look on the Log tab for complete information:

Complete details are maintained on the tab for all operations performed during your retention period.  Your backup host will specify your retention period, where prolonging the length of the retention period will usually result in your incurring additional charges.  To change the number of versions of files retained and/or the retention period, please read this article.


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