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Under the "Report" tab you can create automated backup summary reports to be delivered to your inbox, which will provide metrics and data about the status of backups, storage amounts, last connection times etc. 

Get started creating your backup summary report: If you have not already done so, you will need to provide your SMTP settings. Next mark the checkbox stating "Yes, I want to receive backup summary reports."

Need help with SMTP settings?  Please check out this list of common SMTP email configurations.

Fill out the form fields: (To:, Subject:, Body:) This will allow you to personalize the report email.

Set the mailing schedule: You can set the frequency of the backup reports with the Mailing Schedule settings, specifying daily, weekly, monthly and time of day to be  delivered. The Delivery Time settings uses GMT time (You can use this calculator if needed). Click the "Save" button to save your settings. Click the "Edit" button if you ever need to make changes.

Data included in the report: All of the brands, accounts, and computers associated with your user account will be listed in the backup summary report, they are also displayed just below the form so you are aware of the accounts that will be included.

How to create a report for a specific account(s): To create a report for a specific account(s), simply create a new user, assign the accounts you want to see in that backup summary report to that user. Sign-in to the Web Console as that new user and configure the report settings under the "Report" tab.

If the SMTP settings are shared with a subuser, then the: From Name, From Address, and CC address and signature areas are all left empty and need to be filled in, for that sub user specifically.

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