E-Mailing Backup Status

The E-Mail tab allows you to configure the client to send you e-mails after each backup, as well as tell your backup host when you would like to be alerted if your client does not connect to the backup server to send data (or it connects but doesn't send any data).

To configure the client to send e-mails it must have an e-mail account to use.  The following example shows how the software has been configured to "Send an e-mail from this computer with log attached after every backup" using a Gmail account:

The following is an example e-mail sent from a client for a backup.  Note the logo at bottom of e-mail will be the logo for your client and the customer support link (at top right of e-mail) will be the one you specified when you built your white label custom branded client.

 To send all your backup logs to someone, for example technical support, simply fill in the email address you'd like all your logs emailed to and click the "E-Mail logs now to:" button.

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