Selecting a Folder to Backup but not its Subfolders

When one selects a folder in the WholesaleBackup client one has the option of whether that selection should also apply to the contents of sub-folders.  This is specified in the GUI using the "Apply to subfolders" check box as shown in screen capture below:

This results in the following selection written as text in the .SEL file and shown in the Text Selections tab that is visible in the GUI when you are running in -expert mode. 

(See also: Launching the GUI in Expert Mode)


So when we drill down in C:\Users in the example above we see that all its contents are selected:

and C:\Users\rkite's contents are not selected (as expected):

(The 'Deselect' Radio button and the Apply to subfolders 'Checkbox' were marked automatically based on the top level setting. ) 
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